World premiere of Dowry on Thursday, March 5 in Toronto

DOWRY FINAL 30FPS.00_12_43_10.Still004Screening on Thursday, March 5 begins at 8:30 p.m. with the Dowry team arriving at 8 p.m. at:

Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre

259 Richmond Street West, Toronto

In attendance from the film: producer, director and screenwriter Jag Parmar, videographer Ryan Singh, investor Michael Crooks and various cast, crew and post-production team.


DOWRY FINAL 30FPS.00_24_40_18.Still009AN under-privileged South Asian family is planning a wedding for Mausam (Shirin Hampton).  It’s a stressful business when the big secret is that the family does not have enough dowry for her wedding.

Mausam’s sister, Gia (Ana Sani) is the other source of contention for the family, as she is never expected to have a wedding of her own.  Gia is wheelchair-bound and knows that she will always be fighting to live an independent life.

A very tenuous family dynamic becomes worse when Gia and Vic (Sid Sawant) fall in love and she too demands a dowry.

A feud erupts between the two sisters over an already insufficient dowry.  Gia is faced with bitterness and resentment from not only her sister but also her grandmother, Kamla (Jasmine Sawant), who has labelled her as the family burden.  Her only teetering support is her mother, Sakshi (Shruti Shah) and Vic.

What the family does not realize is that Gia does not want marital bliss at the expense of her sister.  While feeling alienated by her own family, Gia must make the hard choice of putting Mausam’s happiness before her own.  She decides to take the little money she earns as a music teacher to secure Mausam’s dowry.  But it still remains incomplete.

The wedding plans continue and the rituals begin.  Gia and Mausam get ready for the big day.  They both spend the entire morning adorning from head to toe, and together, they both come down the aisle.  The weddings happen without a hitch.  Gia and her husband have their first blissful moments together.  All the while, she is unaware that Mausam paid a price for the dowry that simply was not enough.

Inseyet Films presents a Jag Parmar film in association with Reel Flare.  Dowry stars Ana Sani, Shireen Hampton, Jasmine Sawant, Shruti Shah, Jason Sasha and Sid Sawant.  The film is directed by Jag Parmar from a screenplay written by Jag Parmar.  Arun A. Mirchandani served as Executive Producer.

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