Winter’s still to come, but moisturise now!

Don’t wait till the weather gets cold to hydrate the skin, warn experts.
The cool weather that the city is heading towards is a boon. But, it also marks the beginning of dry skin, flakiness and itching. Most people wait for the cold to set in to use a cream, by which time it is actually too late and damage has already been done to the skin, say experts.

Skin woes
Beware of the ‘winter itch’, cautions Dr Milan Doshi. “The skin can get rough, flaky and cracked, even causing eczema. Use a
gentle, anti-itch moisturiser without chemicals on the whole body. Also, do not bathe in very hot water.”

Why start now?
Says dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad, “Extrinsic factors like pollution affects the PH of the skin adversely. This, coupled with increasing dry weather conditions, add to the harm. So it’s essential to hydrate the skin starting now. I’d advise using a cream that has ingredients like coconut milk and glycerin. It penetrates the skin and locks the moisture in it. Also, use alotion after bath so that the moisturiser seals in the water that’s on the skin.”