West Coast Express service cancelled for Friday morning (Friday update)


TransLink has been advised by Canadian Pacific Railway that it will be able to operate West Coast Express service this afternoon.  Therefore, regular afternoon schedules will resume.

TRANSLINK announced on Thursday evening that it has been advised by Canadian Pacific Railway that it will not be able to run any West Coast Express service on Friday morning.

Protestors are currently blocking Canadian Pacific tracks on the Pitt River Rail Bridge and TransLink is unable to move trains, conduct necessary maintenance safety checks, and perform routine inspections on Thursday evening.  

To help assist customers during the morning commute, TransLink will set up a bus bridge for customers travelling from Mission to Coquitlam Central Station. Buses are expected to be busier than normal.

TransLink is asking customers try and seek alternative modes of travel, use its Trip Planner online, or its customer information desk (604-953-3333) for trip planning advice. 

Further updates will be provided on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/@TransLink) and via email.


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