Visa Delays Hit B.C. Foreign Students Hard

Students from Asia and India could be stuck until next September

This is another case of the Federal Government simply trying to tighten the visa rules without much thought to the ultimate far-reaching consequences.

Now at least 100 foreign students, including students from Asia and India, hoping to study in B.C. this year will not be able to start school until January because of visa processing delays, the University of British Columbia has confirmed.

Michelle Suderman, UBC’s associate director of international student development, said the slowdown is due to the federal government’s closure of visa services in Germany, Japan, Iran, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

She said while some students may have to delay studies until January, others may be stuck until next September.

NDP MLA Raj Chouhan, (critic for multiculturalism, immigration and human rights) told The Voice that he had brought up this issue a long time back but nothing was done about it.