Vancouver most expensive city in North America

Vancouver is now the most expensive city to live in North America according to a recent survey.

The Worldwide Cost of Living survey, carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed although Vancouver is only ranked 37th most expensive city in the world, but is now more expensive than New York to live in.

The survey of 130 cities worldwide looked at hundred s of prices for items such as food, clothing, transport, rents and private schools t to arrive at the ranking.
Los Angeles was the most expensive U.S. city – tied for 42nd with Shanghai – while New York came in 47th.

Zurich in Switzerland beat Tokyo to become the world’s most expensive city to reside in.

South Asia was home to some of the cheapest cities to live in. Three of the four cheapest were New Delhi and Mumbai in India. Karachi in Pakistan was the cheapest of cities surveyed.