US Sikhs to file petition before Obama

On December 15, a petition will be filed before the President of the United States by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) a human rights group, urging Obama administration to recognize November 1984 massacre
of Sikhs in India as “Genocide”. The petition will be moved as per the right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The petition has already gone viral among the Sikh Diaspora in the United States as it has already been signed by more than 11500 individuals since its launching. The online petition created on the White House Official website requires 25000 signatures by December 15 to warrant a response from the President Obama.

SFJ Legal Advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said that the petition urges the Obama administration to fulfill its obligation under Article 1 of the UN Convention on Genocide by recognizing the November 1984 as “Sikh Genocide”.

Citing section 1091 of 18 USC and Article 2 of the U.N. Convention on Genocide, the petition argues that the intentional and deliberate nature of the attacks on Sikh lives, properties and places of worship during November 1984 makes them crime of “Genocide”.

“During November 1984 the Congress Party of India organized and perpetrated violence with intent to destroy the Sikh community, resulting in more than 30,000 killed; women raped; Gurudwaras burnt and more than 300,000 displaced. The systematic violence against Sikhs was concealed and portrayed by the Indian governments as Anti Sikh Riots,” the petition has argued.

“In 2011-12 mass graves of Sikhs killed during November 1984 were discovered throughout India, which is the most specific and convincing evidence that violence against Sikhs in 1984 was genocide,” it has further argued while seeking recognition from Obama administration.

Issued By: Gurpatwant S Pannun, Legal Advisor, Sikhs For Justice [email protected]