UBC to hold Sikh Feminists Conference aimed at exploring gender through Sikh lens

VANCOUVER: Our Journeys 2012: Inspirations, Explorations, Voice and Practice, the conference organized by the Sikh Feminist Research Institute (SAFAR), seeks to explore and analyze the intersection of gender constructions, culture, and faith. By employing the Sikh feminist lens, including by first affirming and bringing forward voices on women’s experiences, knowledges and perspectives, this conference hopes to inspire critical thinking, research, and scholarship.

“This conference is absolutely for everyone, many communities will find it instructive to engage with scholars and activists trying to both articulate Sikh feminism and seek solutions to current day challenges. This is an exciting new space to engage with Sikh inspiration and its history of social justice as well as to understand how it must be applied to empower those most marginalized today.” stated Mallika Kaur, SAFAR Director and social justice Attorney, who holds a double Masters from Berkeley and Harvard Universities.

Event: Our Journeys 2012: Inspirations, Explorations, Voice and Practice

Location: Centre of Interactive Research on Sustainability, University of British Columbia

Date: October 27, 2012

Registration: By Donation, www.sikhfeministresearch.org

This event welcomes and encourages all members of the community to attend and participate.

The conference organized by the Sikh Feminist Research Institute (SAFAR), which defines the Sikh feminist initiative as one which uncovers and understands what causes and sustains oppression in all its forms and strives to create social equity through individual and collective efforts. The conference is an opportunity for scholars and community members alike to openly connect, converse and engage in dialogue and critical thinking.

“It is exciting to be engaging in developing this space as a Sikh woman, to be able to highlight the inspiration that Sikhi has been in our lives and contrast it with academic inspiration through feminism, this is bringing forth a different sort of activism. The community is looking forward to an opportunity of reflection on the impact of biases and beliefs on their own identity,” stated Kirpa Kaur, SAFAR Director, Candidate for Masters in Counseling and Community Psychology with a focus on Education and Policy work. For more information about Our Journey 2012 Conference, please visit www.sikhfeministresearch.org or contact [email protected] or 778-241-4906.

The Sikh Feminist Research Institute is a non-profit academic and community development organization founded in 2010 in Toronto, Ontario. It’ comprises academics, educators, activists, community organisers and independent researchers, committed to promoting and sustaining Sikh feminist research, praxis and activism.