Trying to change RCMP from within

In the middle of growing tensions between RCMP brass and the rank-and-file, a new group has been formed to change the force from within.

Calling themselves “the Re-sergeance Alliance,” they claim to be 500-strong, made up of retired and current members of the RCMP in BC, with one goal: to “restore faith” in the force.

The “re-sergeancy” takes responsibility for “outing” Corporal Jim Brown, the officer seen in sexual fetish photos he posted online.

The group’s first blog post says its members have waited for change from new leadership — and instead watched managers refuse to meet demands made by Commissioner Bob Paulson.

But they also accuse the top mountie of acting like he’s at a “kissing booth at the country fair” with both the members and the public.

The group vows to post investigative files and pictures in the coming days.