Toddler Falls from Second Storey Window

Abbotsford — Police, fire and ambulance personnel responded to the 31200 block of Upper Maclure Road where a toddler had fallen out of a living room window and onto the driveway below. The 16 month old girl was fortunate to have suffered relatively minor injuries despite a fall of over eight feet onto the hard surface. The child had reportedly been playing on the coffee table while her mother was doing laundry downstairs. After repeated pushes against the screen it gave way and the girl tumbled out of the second storey window. The toddler was transported to hospital and received treatment for cuts and bruises.

The Abbotsford Police Department would like to remind people of the inherent dangers of children near open and screened windows. A tragedy or near tragedy can occur in a split second. The potential for these types of incidents to take place is greatly amplified during periods of warmer weather, such as we are currently experiencing. Please take a few minutes to conduct a safety assessment of your home and ensure you are diligent in monitoring children around windows.