Time to Make Changes at Translink

The Mayors Council is pushing ahead with ideas to change how Translink is governed.

Chair Richard Walton says there are too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to running Translink, “We have got 22 local governments we have got the Regional District, Metro Vancouver, the Provincial Government and the Federal Government and we also have got, of course, Translink as a separate agency, and Board and the Mayors Council. So, one of the challenges is, if you really want to move forward, it’s important to have groups working very, very closely together and collaborating. You know, governance is absolutely critical if you need to get the right people at the table,” Walton told CKNW.

Walton says they will engage consultants to come up with governance options to present to the Province. He says the preference is to have Translink run by elected officials who are accountable to the users.