Three new faces join BC Liberal Team

The BC Liberal team announced three young, fresh faces will join their 2013 team today. Over the next two days, Coralee Oakes in Cariboo North, Gabby Kalaw in Vancouver-Kensington, and Christina Bates in Victoria-Swan Lake will each be acclaimed BC Liberal candidates in their respective ridings.

Oakes, a former two-term Quesnel City Councillor, was recently a featured speaker at the 2012 BC Liberal Convention. She is already hard at work reaching out and listening to voters and plans to highlight the strong economic record of the BC Liberals and why it is important to the future of British Columbia.

“While many places throughout the world continue to see worsening economic conditions, British Columbia stands out for its strong economic fundamentals,” said Oakes.

In Victoria-Swan Lake, local businessperson Christina Bates has thrown her hat into the ring for the BC Liberals and will make supporting small business, lower taxes, and family affordability keys to her campaign.

“Making life more affordable for families is a big part of Premier Christy Clark’s plan, and her message inspired me to get involved in this race,” said Bates. “B.C. has some of the lowest income taxes in Canada, and that is a record that I am proud to support.”

Kalaw, a software sales manager and former Park Board candidate, wants to bring the people of Vancouver-Kensington a new voice in Victoria. He is concerned about the direction B.C. would take if the NDP were to form government.

“B.C. is a province full of opportunities,” said Kalaw. “I would like to ensure that those opportunities continue to grow for everyone. I plan to be part of a BC Liberal team that continues to build an economy for the future.”

Oakes and Kalaw will have nomination meetings tonight, while Bates will have her nomination meeting tomorrow night in Victoria.