Thousands on wait list for Vancouver’s VIP pass

This Pass allows you to see city attractions for free but you probably will not be getting a free pass to city tourist traps any time soon, even if you signed up. The Vancouver Inspiration Pass program that was launched last week may be overwhelmed.

There are 120 two-week passes shared between all Vancouver Public Library locations. The passes are booked solid.

“We have had 3,305 individuals place a hold on the pass. Each location has a number of passes, so they’re spread throughout the system,” explains Daphne Wood with the library, who adds they’re going through the backlog as fast as possible.

“By automatically checking out the pass every two weeks so that there’s no gap between the time that the pass becomes available and the time someone checks it out,” she says.

There’s no physical pass to borrow, just a receipt that expires.

Wood says there is a limit to the number of passes they have available for the program and they can’t get any more.