Thefts From Vehicles Have Gone Up

In recent months, the White Rock RCMP has seen a rise in the number of reported thefts from vehicles.

Items stolen include; Passports and other identification, purses, wallets, cash, coins, keys, cell phones, computers, tablets, GPS units, garage door openers, vehicle registration papers, sunglasses and other personal items.

The White Rock RCMP are working hard to identify and charge the people responsible for these thefts. We are engaging in extra foot and vehicle patrols in targeted areas but we strongly believe prevention is the key.

With this is mind, the White Rock RCMP offer you the following tips to help prevent your vehicle from becoming a target;

• Lock the doors and windows – even if you will only be away for a moment.
• Remove Portable Accessories – GPS units and removable faceplates should be removed and stored in the trunk or taken with you.
• Remove all valuables from your vehicle – Never leave anything on display in your vehicle, cigarettes, cash, sunglasses or even loose change. If they can see it, they will steal it.
• Keep your vehicle registration on your person – rather than in your car
• Use your trunk – If you must leave items in your car, store them in the trunk where they are out of sight.
• Park in well lit areas – When parking at home use your garage if you have one. If you park in your driveway consider adding a motion activated security light.
• 2Install an alarm system – Alarms can deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle or stealing it. Even if you have an alarm you should never leave anything in your vehicle you are not willing to lose. It takes seconds for a thief to break a window, steal your stuff and disappear.
• Use a steering wheel lock – Perhaps not a deterrent to prevent a theft FROM your vehicle but certainly one which discourages the theft OF your vehicle.
Thefts from vehicles are opportunistic crimes, please help take away the opportunity by doing your part.