Teenager found shot in Richmond restaurant parking lot

A Japanese restaurant at a strip mall in Richmond is now a crime scene.

Police are trying to piece together why an 18-year-old man would have been shot in the restaurant parking lot at Capstan Way and Garden City late Thursday afternoon.

The man was found by paramedics and police in front of Manzo, a Japanese restaurant in the strip mall around dinner time. He’d been shot in the leg by suspects who got away in a vehicle.

Police say the teenager is known to them.

The restaurant is flanked by other eating establishments and shops, but people working in the other businesses didn’t hear any gunshots.

An employee of the insurance office just to the south of the restaurant says she was alerted to something happening when a colleague said she saw a man lying in the parking lot.

“We went out and there was a woman holding onto a man on the ground, in front of the Manzo restaurant and then we heard the cops,” she says.

She is somewhat concerned, considering the shooting happened when businesses were still open. “A customer of ours told me he had heard about a similar event a couple of days ago…. another gunshot.”

“We’re worrying. It’s getting really bad in this area,” says her co-worker.