Teachers who hit students get discipline rulings

Teachers who hit, pulled or dragged students are among those disciplined in the first batch of decisions released from the BC Teacher Regulation Branch.

In one case, a teacher struck a Grade 7 student on the back of the head, told the kid to shut up and tried to physically restrain him from leaving the class – all in the same day.
He was reprimanded.

Another teacher was suspended for two months for poking and pushing students, pulling their clothing, inappropriately raising her voice, and telling them to shut up.

A third teacher approached an 11-year-old boy talking during a test and pulled him, seated, by the hood of his sweatshirt across the floor, choking him.

It was reported to police, and she completed community service, counselling and an apology.

She was suspended for 14 days.

One of the other seven cases now posted online includes a Victoria teacher who accessed, among other things, porn on his school computer. It was discovered by two student teachers using his computer to input marks.

The school district administered its own punishment, but would not provide details. He is still working within the district.

The branch replaced the BC College of Teachers in January.

This is the first batch of decisions released to the public online. They were made between March and June of this year.