Surrey’s New Waste Collection Program Collection Begins October 2012

Collection Begins October 2012

We are changing our Waste Collection Program to achieve our goal of 70% regional waste diversion by 2015. By adopting good habits now, we can protect our environment for the future.

In October, we will begin collecting combined kitchen and yard waste in a new organics cart, separating organic waste from garbage. To help support this plan, organic waste will be banned from landfills by 2015.

Since November 2010, we’ve been conducting a pilot study with the help of 2,000 Surrey households to test the cart program. The results are clear: 90% of pilot households support the new program and experienced a 50% reduction in garbage with the use of their organics cart.

Green Trucks

In addition to the new carts, residential waste will be collected using new, state-of-the-art automated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks, in partnership with BFI Canada (Website. New window.). These trucks emit 23% less carbon emissions and 90% less air particulates, compared to a regular diesel truck. Plus, studies show that replacing one diesel truck with a CNG truck is equivalent to taking 475 cars off the road each year.

Cart Delivery

• Between mid July and mid September, you will receive three new carts, one each for organics, recyclables and garbage, plus a kitchen catcher. If your household contains a registered suite you will receive a secondary kitchen catcher for your suite.
• Each cart will be delivered to your curb side. Please bring your new carts onto your property but do not use them until October 1st, 2012 when our new trucks will come into operation.
• Don’t worry if you’re away when your carts are delivered. We will be sending a crew to each completed route the day following delivery to move any carts remaining at curb side onto your property.
• Just ahead of receiving your carts, we’ll be sending out your new Rethink Waste Collection calendar and instruction booklet, for services commencing October 1st.
• For an instructional video on what to do when you receive your carts watch this short video.

Cart Delivery Schedule

The City will be delivering waste carts to households in the Tuesday Collection Day from August 23 to approximately September 7. A waste cart delivery schedule for the other collection days will be provided shortly.