Surrey woman suing Apple

Surrey Woman Amanda Ladas claims she never gave consent to having her info tracked and says it is a breach of privacy. Amanda is suing Apple claiming the tech giant can monitor the coming and going of her and her family.

The iOS4 operating system which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod is tracking where she and her loved ones go, adding anyone with moderate computer knowledge can find out where they have been.

Her class action lawsuit claims the company has engaged in deceptive acts or practices.

Eric Smith, an information security expert who was consulted for the case says Apple products update themselves often, collecting information that can identify a person’s whereabouts.

When activating her iPhone 4 last year, Ladas says she never consented to having her info tracked and neither did her son who has an iPod Touch. The lawsuit filed in BC Supreme Court also includes a report by Geographic Profiler Kim Rossmo, who details how easily the information can be tracked.

Apple has yet to respond to the case.