Surrey resident Gill distributes free copies of Amir Khan’s show on untouchability

SURREY-Touched by the inhuman living conditions of the so-called lower caste people in the orthodox Indian society a Surrey resident, Ravinder Gill, has taken upon himself the task of distributing free copies of Amir Khan’s show on untouchability. Khan’s TV show Satyamev Jayate had featured a special episode on the continued oppression of Dalits who are considered untouchables in the caste ridden Indian society. The show revealed that the Dalits continue to engage in manual scavanging despite ban on the trade years ago.

The episode had an overwhelming impact on Gill, who is now distributing free copies of the show to people in Surrey.

“I want to break the myth especially among the Sikhs that they have been systematically discriminated against by the Indian state. It`s the Dalits and not the Sikhs who have suffered more in the Indian society”, Gill explained. He also feels that the world is divided in two classes, one which is privileged and the other which is oppressed and poor.