Surrey RCMP officer killed in crash

An RCMP officer was killed early Tuesday morning in Surrey, B.C. when his police cruiser collided with a tractor trailer.

Constable Adrian Oliver was on duty at the time of the crash at 148th and 64th Avenue. Paramedics found the 28-year-old officer pinned and unconscious in the shattered, grey, unmarked cruiser. They managed to pull him from the crumpled wreck and rushed him to hospital, but he couldn’t be saved.

Oliver was a second-generation Mountie. His father is a senior officer in Ottawa; his brother is also on the force.

Oliver began training with the RCMP in 2008, and was first posted to Surrey in 2009.

This is the sixth time a BC police officer has died in the line of duty in the past decade. Condolences are already coming in from fellow officers and those who work closely with police.

Of the officers who have died in the province, three were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

In 2004, Auxillary Constable Glen Evely from Vernon was killed when his cruiser was struck by a stolen truck that ran a red light. He left behind a wife and two young children.

2002 was a tragic year in our province. Constable Jimmy Ng from Richmond was killed when his cruiser was broadsided by a hit and run speeder on No. 3 Road. Just a little over one month later, an officer from Squamish was killed after his cruiser was hit by a bus during a call.