Surrey Board of Trade supports Mayor’s Regional Transportation Investment Vision

Anita HubermanTHE Surrey Board of Trade said on Thursday that it supports the TransLink Mayors’ Council Regional Transportation in their transportation vision. The Mayor’s Council’s transportation vision clarifies the costs, priorities and phasing for investments and actions.

“We are pleased to see that the proposed funding mechanisms for this vision do not include an increase in property taxes, but rather a reallocation or re-structuring of the carbon tax to fund these needed transportation projects”, said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“In addition, the components that speak specifically to Surrey that include the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, implementation of light rail transit (LRT), as well as the provision of additional B-Line bus routes, rail upgrades, cycling and walking infrastructure upgrades, are in line with existing Surrey Board of Trade Transportation Policy.”

The Regional Transportation Investments for Metro Vancouver must go to the BC Government now for ratification and approval, and then a referendum question needs to be composed and released. There is a significant amount of public information and education necessary before the referendum can take place. The Surrey Board of Trade is asking the BC Government for a well thought out approach to ratify the transportation plan, implement a timeline on the composition and release of the question. The Surrey Board of Trade also urges the BC Government to not have the question aligned with the forthcoming municipal elections.

“The Surrey Board of Trade reiterates that there is insufficient time to launch a full public and stakeholder campaign on the referendum. We need timely and effective transportation investments. We need to respond quickly as we are in a global economy. The economic stakes are simply too high to risk a result that does not provide for the services as laid out in the plan. Anything less may jeopardize the future of this economic region,” said Huberman.

“What the Mayor’s Council issued today, is near perfect for the 23 Metro Vancouver partners. It is a responsible transportation plan that will support our regional economy and will benefit our business communities and residents.”

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