Sukh Dhak Murder: Police Need To Do A Lot More, Says Expert

By Sunil Narula

In another brazen incident of targeted daylight shooting, high-profile Surrey gangster Sukh Dakh (28) and his bodyguard Thomas Mantel (30) were shot dead at a busy Burnaby hotel Monday morning.
These latest murders have once again brought into focus the failure of the RCMP to do anything to catch these gangsters & shooters who indulge in daylight murders at crowded places without fear of any punishment.

“How is it possible these shooters know when to strike everytime. How do they know before each and every shooting that there will be no police surveillance on their targets (targets that are well-known & well-established gangsters),“ asks Ranj Dhaliwal, who is a well-known expert on gang warfare and whose book “Daaku: The Gangster`s Life“ was a big hit.

“When Bacon (Jon) was shot dead he was sitting in his car in a public place and there was no surveillance on him. Sukh`s brother (Gurmit) was shot dead two years ago near Metropolitan Mall. It is almost unbelievable that there was no surveillance on these known gangsters,“ said Ranj Dhaliwal while speaking with The Voice.

The Voice agrees with Dhaliwal completely. Off late the impression is gaining ground among residents that the police have been reduced to only writing traffic violations tickets. Crimes of such serious nature are going unpunished.

Not only Bacon and Sukh`s brother, there have been many daylight targeted shootings which show that there has been no surveillance on these gangsters. Recently there was a targeted shooting in a busy parking lot on King George Boulevard in Surrey where a child could also have been killed. Before that a similar shooting took place at the busy Port Moody Recreation Center. The killers simply drove away after shooting.

Duhre gang leader Sandip Duhre was shot to death in a similar fashion in front of guests and hotel staff in the lobby of the Sheraton Wall Centre on Jan. 16, 2012.
As was clear in Sukh Dhak`s case (and in other cases as well) it was a major miracle that no innocent bystander was killed. But, at this rate, it is quite possible that in some such shooting innocent people, even children, can get killed in the future.

It is also quite absurd that the police are issuing warnings to the public not to be anywhere near these gangsters or they could be at risk and they themselves are not having surveillance on them.
Sukh Dhak`s killing could also lead to a chain reaction of murders, warns Dhaliwal. `After all, these gangsters are into this for the money and it`s business for them. Dhak`s side could decide to get on with it if they think it`s not worth it to retaliate with killings. Or they could decide that they want to send out a message. Some one else can step up on the plate and take Dhak`s position in that gang and lead them,“ explains the 36-year old Dhaliwal.

Dhaliwal also says there is a message for the youth in Sukh`s killing. “Sooner rather than later you are going to get a bullet in the back of your head and no one will come to save you. Some youngsters had started believing that Sukh Dhak was invincible and had a cool, glamourous life. Someone like Bindy Johal. But my message to these youngsters is that both Johal and Dhak were gunned down by other gangsters. It`s not worth it. It`s fine that gangsters are shooting each other and we have one less on the streets out there. But my concern is that with such glaring daylight shootings in crowded places, someday some child or somebody else could also get shot. And that is not what we want,` says Dhaliwal.

Absolutely. That is not what we want.