Students in Chilliwack getting free bibles at school

The school board in Chilliwack will continue to endorse the distribution of free bibles in elementary classrooms, despite complaints it amounts to “religious marketing” in schools.

That term comes from Richard Ajabu; he complained to the school board last week after his daughter came home with a permission slip for a free bible from Gideons International.

The evangelical group has handed out Youth Testaments to Grade 5 students in Canada since 1946 and the Chilliwack School Board has a regulation approving it, with parental consent.

Ajabu tells the Chilliwack Times that amounts to “indoctrination,” discrimination against other religious groups, and interferes with parents rights to educate their children.

He feels the district could be open to legal action for distribution of non-instructional religious materials.

The Times reports the school board decided to continue its endorsement of the practice.