Six South Asians on the Canada Border Services Agency’s “wanted” list

Muhammad Amir Farooq

TORONTO: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced that 30 more names have been added to the Canada Border Services Agency’s “wanted” list. Toews made the announcement in Toronto on Wednesday morning.

“The message we are hearing loud and clear is that the time has come to put our feet down and end the abuse of our immigration system. The response that we’ve seen to our request for information confirms what we already knew: Canadians do not want their country to become a haven for those who try to enter illegally,” Toews said.

Samsher Singh Ghotara

Minister Toews said the “Wanted by The CBSA” initiative has been quite successful with authorities tracking 15 individuals in Canada and another four abroad. Seven have since been removed from Canada. The latest, he said, is Tharmapaskaran Sellathamby who was apprehended by the Toronto Police Service in the Greater Toronto Area.

The addition of the new photos and biographical information means the CBSA’s wanted list now covers all the agency’s priorities for removals, Toews said.

Islam Khokon

“The list will now include individuals who are inadmissible to Canada under the act for security grounds as well as individuals who are inadmissible on grounds of organized criminality in addition to the categories previously announced,” Toews told reporters Tuesday morning.

“We are making these changes because Canadians do no want individuals living in Canada illegally, hidden away and protected by anonymity or false identities,” he added.

There are now 42 individuals, all but one of them male, listed on the “Wanted by the CBSA” website.

Beant Singh Sekhon

The most wanted South Asians in Canada are Muhammad Amir Farooq from Pakistan who was last known to be Toronto. He is the subject of an active Canada-wide warrant for removal because he is inadmissible to Canada. It has been determined that he violated human or international rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act or under international law.

Islam Khokon, from Bangladesh and Samsher Singh Ghotara, born in India are also the subject of the same Canada-wide warrant for removal from Canada. Muralikantha Kanagasabai originally from Sri Lanka is also wanted on the same charges.

Muralikanthan Kanagasabai

Meanwhile Beant Singh Sekhon also from India and last seen in British Columbia is also wanted on an active Canada-wide warrant for removal because he is inadmissible to Canada. This individual has also been convicted of two counts of sexual assault in Canada.

Members of the public are asked for assistance in identifying or locating any of the listed individuals, though the agency warns that no one should try to apprehend them. Instead, anyone with information is asked to contact the CBSA’s Border Watch Toll-free Line at 1-888-502-9060.