Sikh Youth Vancouver (SYV) statement regarding the current election at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Delta-Surrey

SYV has not been and will not be involved in this election (on Dec 16). It is in our community’s best interest that people who do not live in the Gurdwara neighborhood and do not attend services should refrain from its politics. Let those that attend service and volunteer their time make the decisions. Let them decide on their own future.

SYV is committed to the betterment of the Ross Gurdwara just as it was three years ago and is willing to work with everyone for the community’s concerns. Actions that are not in the best interested of our community will be brought to light regardless of political affiliation. We still condemn the Komagata Maru payment which is nothing but a sellout with “blood money”. As per the community’s wishes we advocate for a Parliamentarian apology. We have waited a hundred years and will not stop until the wrong is done right.

It was expected that there would be SYV involvement in Surrey after the Vancouver campaign was jeopardized by outside interference but that is not so. SYV has not and will not be involved in this election. We urge all parties and communities to take the same stand. Do not get involved in the affairs of a religion or Gurdwara if you are not a participant in the congregation. Vote where you pray.

We wish all parties and candidates the best of luck and pray that whoever wins the Surrey election will bring the community together and work in the best interest of the Gurdwara. We encourage the Sangat in Delta and Surrey to scrutinize all candidates, analyze their manifestos and make the best decision. Vote for the best program and the best candidates.