Sikh rights group seeks to ban entry of Brar in Western Countries

Challenging the Lt. Gen. Brar and Indian officials claim that Sikhs living abroad are supporting revival of “Terrorism” Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), an international human rights group, stated that Sikhs living in Western world support revival of ‘JUSTICE’ not terrorism. SFJ which is leading an international campaign to prosecute those involved in violation of human rights against Sikhs stated that demanding “Justice” in no terms is an act of treason or waging war against India as depicted by most recent organized campaign initiated after the incident in London.

Terming the London incident involving Brar as “Emotional Confrontation” instead of an assassination attempt, attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Legal advisor, to SFJ, stated that the Sikh community is still suffering from the pain of desecration of Akal Takhat Sahib and murder of thousands of Sikh pilgrims during June 1984. The malicious campaign launched after the London incident to defame Sikhs living abroad is “irresponsible and spiteful on the part of Brar and other officials as it will make Sikh community further vulnerable to attacks like the one in Wisconsin.”

The foreign visits of Brar and others involved in human rights abuses definitely evoke sharp poignant response from the Sikh community throughout the world; as three decades of demand for justice have been ignored by India. Although Sikhs living in Europe, UK and North America are supporting Sikhs right to self-determination as guaranteed by UN convention on Civil and Political rights and a justice campaign to prosecute those Congress leaders involved in organizing November 1984 Genocide of Sikhs, “it is absurd to term these lawful activities of Sikh community as giving birth to terrorism”, stated attorney Pannun. The unjust campaign to term Sikhs living abroad as supporter of terrorists is viewed by Sikh community as intimidation, bullying and an attempt to curtail the “freedom of speech” of Sikhs even on the foreign soil by Indian officials.

Terming the Indian army attack on Golden Temple as an organized assault by the Congress party to achieve and strengthen its ‘Political Goal” attorney Pannun stated that Sikh men, women and children were first caged and then shot at point blank by the Indian army lead by Lt. Gen Brar. The army under the command of Brar unleashed a wave of terror which included not only murdering of pilgrims inside the Golden Temple but also the killing of unarmed Sikhs in localities surrounding Golden Temple, as reported by Mark Tully of BBC.

Attorney Pannun stated that Brar has committed crimes against humanity and rights group with help of International laws and forums will start prosecution of Brar as “War Criminal” and will seek to ban his entry in the western countries.

“Denial of justice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere” attorney Pannun stated the world knows about the consequential “Political Attack” on the Golden Temple, involvement of Congress leaders involved in November 1984 Sikh Genocide and high ranking police officials like KPS Gill who made the State of Punjab killing fields but India has given general amnesty to all those. “Sikh community condemn these acts of successive Indian governments and continues to demand prosecution of all those who are involved in the human rights abuses” added attorney Pannun.
Reminding the 1947 independence of India through the efforts of second generation after the unsuccessful attempt by the first generation in 1857, Jatinder Singh Grewal, Director International Policy, SFJ, and a second generation Sikh from Canada, stated that “it is no crime that Sikh youth of western countries is leading and supporting the right to self-determination of Sikhs based on the denial of justice and usurpation of religious identity of Sikhs living in India”. “We do not support any acts of violence against any country or individual and will always command a movement for Sikh rights for a separate State” added Grewal.

Dr. Bakhshish Singh Sandhu, Chief patron “Organization of Sikh Professionals” (OOPS) while shocked at the intensity of the anti-Sikh campaign stated that this will further alienate the Sikhs living abroad and can have far reaching consequences on the economy of India” Ontario Gurudwaras Committee, (OGC) an umbrella organization of Gurudwaras across Canada, Spokesperson Amarjit Singh Mann, refuted the allegations of Brar and other Indian intelligence officials claim of Sikhs supporting terror groups and stated that they will lobby with PM Harper who is due to visit India in November to file their objection with the Indian counterpart and “Demand an apology and retraction of these baseless statements against the Sikhs living in Canada”.
SFJ is human rights group which has initiated legal action against Indian National Congress and Kamal Nath for their role in organizing Genocide of Sikhs and also against Parkash Badal, CM State of Punjab for commanding and protecting a police force responsible for torture and extrajudicial killing of Sikhs. SFJ commands tactical support of Gurudwara managements committees throughout North America, European Union and UK.