Red Dawn (PG) Frontal Assault!


Freedom fighters come in all shapes and sizes. All hands on deck are needed big time in Red Dawn, a slick remake of an 80s classic. Alliance Films shares responsibility for bringing this rah rah movie to The Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C.

Folks in the Pacific Northwest need to pay close attention to the goings on in Red Dawn. Properly set up by modern footage of in the news world leaders events are spiralling towards a doomsday scenario. That danger hits close to home when Spokane and Seattle fall prey to a mysterious invasion force.

Caught off guard in much the same way troops had to run for cover in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941 so too much the great citizens of Washington State. A red menace turns two towns into a virtual lock down. Only a few brave “kids” decide to break ranks and fight back. Hand to hand combat is one thing but this rag tag group of young men and women seem headed for extinction thanks to the overwhelming firepower of the opposing invaders.

Out to make a difference is Jed Eckhert, the supposed leader of the Wolverines, a renegade force of few but with the hearts and souls of many. Chris Hemsworth reigns supreme as the family head who cobbles together non-fighters and turns them into passable soldiers Family also plays a key element in this force as Matt Eckert joins the team of desperadoes. Clandestine activity and the pursuit of love are high on the agenda of Matt Eckhert, brought to the battle by Josh Peck. Brotherly rivalry ramps up the tension in the war arena as this gang of freedom fighters does what they can to sabotage the efforts of the enemy. Uphill battles are common in the streets of Spokane as the alien invaders, actually Koreans, have a take no prisoner attitude.

Forget about the first decades old Red Dawn, just sit back and enjoy this macho movie that director Dan Bradley does a good job helming. All the action is exciting and the fear generated by the brutal oppressors is at times palpable. Eye candy by way of Australian/Swiss born beauty Adrianna Palicki seems to justify the heroics of members of this fight club team.

Preposterous and silly Red Dawn is a guilty pleasure. Oh, and let’s not forget the work of Will Yun Le (Die AnotherDay) whose effectively brutal as Captain Lo. Pack up your weaponry and check out Red Dawn, an exciting escapist yarn that truly elevates the tall in tall tale.