Real Benefits of Joining CARP

Media Visionary Moses Znaimer`s CARP is a Real Deal

By Sunil Narula

To someone who has followed Canadian music, Moses Znaimer needs no introduction. To somebody who’s been interested in the history & growth of Canadian Television industry, Moses Znaimer again needs no introduction. Moses is widely known and respected in many parts of Canada as a media visionary who had the courage and forethought to try new things much before most others had given it any thought. And now Moses Znaimer is emerging in his newest and ongoing role as a champion for Canada’s 15.1 million 45-plus population with his brainchild CARP and his magazine Zoomer.

While Moses has been active and busy in Toronto, in his mind he has also conjured up the vision of a bold, new, growing and vibrant SURREY. And the visionary that he is, Moses can see that Surrey is the next biggest thing waiting to happen in Canada.

“The potential of growth in Surrey is immense. The people here are so hard-working and enterprising and most of them are South Asian people of Indian origin and I want to reach out to them,” said Moses when he spent time with The Voice last week talking about his future plans.

“45plus is a crucial age. I think that’s when people need the most support—financially, emotionally, psychologically…almost in every way. And this the audience we have in mind…these people will benefit a lot by joining CARP and Zoomer. Zoomer actually is boomer with a lot of zip and energy. So if 45plus people need any kind of help and support they only have to become a member of CARP (it has a very nominal fee) and most of their needs are taken care of. It’s that simple. We want to bring this message to the 45plus audience in Surrey, Abbotsford, Delta etc,” explains Moses.

Apart from CARP, Moses also runs his classy magazine ZOOMER which again caters to issues concerning people who are 45plus.

Moses’ mantra is that aging does not mean getting old. And aging also does not mean losing the zip for life. In fact, aging means viewing things with a fresh perspective and the start of a fresh innings.

Leanne Wright, who is vice-president, communications, with Zoomer Media says, “we want to be there for the 45plus people of Surrey and adjoining areas. Quite a few here are new immigrants in that age bracket. And Zoomer and CARP can help them settling down fast in Canada.”

For example, thousands have already registered for the free CARP Health Wizard which gives CARP members free access to a unique online health resource with a vast database of information and sophisticated search tools all in one place.

And this is just one example. Apart from health issues, CARP members also have access to many other things like insurance, food, restaurants, theatres, supermarkets, bills etc, in short whatever things they encounter in daily life.

Becoming a member of CARP is actually quite simple. You only have to call 1-800-363-9736 (toll free) for further details.