Raj Hundal Fundraiser In Surrey Attracts Huge Crowd

More than 500 guests came to attend Raj Hundal Fundraiser that took place on Sunday August 19 at Surrey’s Grand Taj Banquet Hall.

“I believe that this gathering is yet another sign of how hungry people are for change in this province,” said Raj Hundal.

People are tired of cronyism, tired of dirty politics, tired of mean spirited attacks, tired of abuses of powers, and most importantly, tired of being taken for granted.”

“I have a deep desire to fight for my values based in equality of opportunity, respect and consideration for all members of society, and compassion that motivates every action,” said Hundal.

“I have a passion for speaking for those that do not have a voice, or who feel isolated from the system,” Hundal added.

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix who was present on the occasion emphasised on the importance of encouraging small business community.

We cannot take anything for granted. And must work hard to win the next election, Dix said.

Raj Hundal is a dynamic candidate who has the experience to get things done. Achieved a great as a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner and will use that experience to get things done, Dix added.