Punjab to have uniform building bylaws for whole state

CHANDIGARH –The Punjab government would soon have uniform building byelaws for whole state to ensure planned growth of urban areas and to check the harassment of public by multiple authorities. Presiding over the meeting of urban development department, Badal said that there were different sets of building byelaws for different buildings creating confusion in the minds of developer as well as public. He said that presently there were separate building byelaw for industry, another set of byelaws for IT sector, separate for municipal areas, separate for areas falling under local bodies and another set of byelaws for areas falling under urban development bodies. He said that duplicity of control and confusion regarding the fact which set of byelaws would be applicable on a said building was resulting in haphazard growth in the urban areas. He said that besides this with different bodies moving in different angles, the urban development was suffering from lack of uniformity. Badal said that he has asked the urban development authorities to come out with a model set of building byelaws which would be applicable to all buildings whether industrial, commercial, IT sector or residential. He said that uniform building byelaws for whole state was major administrative reform initiative by SAD-BJP government to check the harassment of the builder as well as general public. He said that the simplification would also result in early clearance of building plans submitted by the people. Badal said that he has separately ordered decentralization of building plan approval system to encourage people to opt for sanctioned plan and ensure uniform development of urban areas. —