Punjab is fit case for President’s Rule: Capt Amarinder

Captain Amarinder Singh

AMRITSAR – Former Chief Minister and Punjab Pradesh Committee (PPCC) President Captain Amarinder Singh said Punjab was on the decline economically and now socially too as law and order situation is worsening to its lowest ebb, making it a fit case to come under President’s Rule.

He said Akali Jathedars are running the police stations and department has kneel down to ‘goonda elements’ of the ruling party, making the life of common man miserable in the state.

Capt Amarinder made this scathing attack while interacting with the media persons soon after he met the family members of ASI Ravinder Pal Singh who was killed by Akali leader Ranjit Singh Rana in broad day light while protecting his young daughter’s honour from `Akali goondas’.

He warned that the goondas being harboured by Akalis, especially Revenue and Information Minister Bikram Singh Majithia will one day fire-back at Akalis themselves. “Akalis will face the music one day. If they think they are using the goondas to create terror it will fire back and they will have nowhere to run then”, said Capt Amarinder.

He also addressed a huge gathering of Congressmen and supporters at city Rialto Chowk where the party organized dharna in protest against the deteriorating law and order in the state. Capt Amarinder said they would organize state-wide dharnas to protest the high-handedness of the Akalis and declining law and order. “There is no rule of law and President Rule should be imposed”, he stated.

“One after the other incident of crime against innocents and women are taking place in Punjab. First it was Faridkot, then Muktsar, Gurdaspur and today Mohali. The irony is that Chief Minister of the state Prakash Singh Badal says he is not aware of these incidents and he seems sleeping when he says law and order is in control. Whom he is fooling? asked Capt Amarinder. “What kind of CM is he?”, he adedd.

He said the worst was the Amritsar ASI’s killing as the goondas have become so shameless that once their fire ammunitions finished they went home brought another gun and shot the injured ASI who was fighting for life and waiting for the ambulance to reach hospital.

He assured the ASI family that the Congress party will stand by them like rock in their hour of crises and will not allow the culprits to scot free. He also demanded that the case against the perpetrators of the murder be taken up through the fast track courts and the family is given justice.

“The police station is stone’s throw away where ASI was fighting for life for 20 minutes and more no police reached to help him. What kind of policing is this? Is this the way to run the state’s administration? We do not want such rulers and Badals should understand that they are busy minting money while the state is being thrust into the lawlessness. We will protest throughout the state and hold dharnas. We will not sit silent to atrocities of the Akali’s backed goonda elements”, said he.

He said Majithia was resorting to create his own `Bikram Saina’ to create terror and Badal is not taking notice of it. Bikram is Maha Guru of the Goondsas. Badals may have some limitations but we do not have and we will expose all the misdeeds of the Akalis and Majithia.

Captain hit hard at the police department.

He said if they cannot protect their own officers from the goondas what would they do for the common man who is living in utter fear in the state.

During dharna also he said people come to him everyday complaining about the atrocities of the Akalis and he would fight people’s battle. “We will fix this government’s responsibility in upcoming assembly session meeting for the winter session on December 18 also and they will have to answer where they are taking the state to”, he said.