Project Paper Bag of White Rock Road Safety Unit

White Rock RCMP Community Policing are partnering with White Rock schools and the Sandpiper Liquor Store in “Project Paper Bag”.

Students in grades 4 through 7 at both Peace Arch and White Rock Elementary schools were asked to decorate brown paper bags with Anti Drinking and Driving messages. These bags will then be used to package purchases from the Sandpiper Liquor Store throughout the holiday season.

Each bag is an original, and include such messages as; “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), “CounterAttack”, ” Alcohol + Car = Bad”, or my personal favorite, ” Do not drink and drive or else my good friend Constable Shoihet will be waiting for you.”

On average, each December, seven people are killed in B.C. in impaired-related crashes, and between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, one person is killed in an impaired-related crash in B.C. This is an opportunity for kids as young as 8, to do their part by reinforcing the dangers of drinking and driving, in their homes and their community.

We want everyone to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, so make sure you always have a plan for a safe ride home, said Harvey Kooner, ICBC road safety coordinator. If your holiday festivities will involve alcohol, arrange for a designated driver or use other safe options to get home safely. Remember to share the responsibility of being the designated driver this holiday season.