Premier Clark delivers six-month B.C. Jobs Plan update

Premier Christy Clark released the six-month progress report for 'Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan', on Tuesday.

VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark released the six-month progress report for ‘Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan’, on Tuesday. The report outlines steps taken by the government to promote economic investment and job growth in British Columbia.

“Six months ago we put in place a plan to focus on job creation, protection and promotion. And today I am pleased to report on the accomplishments we have delivered,” said Premier Christy Clark. “We clearly set out our objectives to British Columbians in our ‘Canada Starts Here’ jobs plan and our government has worked hard to not just talk the talk. Today’s report measures our performance and identifies the work we still need to do. I am proud of the progress we have made, our continued economic growth and the number of new jobs added to our economy. Our government remains focused on the priorities of B.C. families: jobs, economic growth and opportunity.”

‘Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan’ builds on our government’s solid foundation of prudent fiscal management to attract investment and open new markets for B.C. products and services, and to create jobs for British Columbians. As part of the plan, B.C. is making smart investments in infrastructure and is working hard to ensure British Columbians have the right skills for tomorrow. According to the latest data, we are see real results from our focused efforts. British Columbia has added 39,900 net new jobs to the economy.

This report to British Columbians measures our results, identifies what we have accomplished and where we still have work to do. This update on also serves to keep our government focused on British Columbian’s number-one priority: to grow and protect jobs.