Port Mann rapid bus service coming Dec 3rd

SURREY – The bus drivers’ union says early December could be your chance to try out the new rapid bus service over the new Port Mann Bridge. Operators are getting ready to take you from Langley to Coquitlam.

Union President Don MacLeod says the first week of December is when their schedule change comes on board. “On Monday December 3rd. They’re going to try to deliver the service with six buses.”

He says the buses will run every 10 minutes during rush-hour and every 30 minutes in off-peak times. There is one concern that if the route really popular then there may not be enough buses for potential passengers.

With the new Langley Park n’ Ride’s capacity at 800 vehicles, he’s worried the service won’t be enough for commuters. TransLink says a launch date has yet to be approved.

The bridge will be free for the first week that it’s open before half-price tolls of $1.50 per standard vehicle begin.

The discounted $3 toll ends March 1st for drivers who don’t register TReO, the electronic tolling system, by then. For drivers who do register will get the discount for one year and those who sign up before December will also get credit for 20 free trips across the bridge.

No word yet when tolling on the bridge will begin.