Two South Asian males angry with police for racial stereotyping

Photo courtesy Global BC

VANCOUVER residents Harry Takhar and Dilpreet Takhar are enraged that police stereotyped them while they were looking for a masked man who burst into a Richmond pub with a shotgun.

Global BC reported on Thursday night that several people were arrested at a White Spot in Vancouver and the two men were among them.

Harry Takhar told Global: “I’m very upset. This is not normal. I come out for dinner. I’m actually a businessman. We sell drywall, installation, steel studs for a living. We don’t kill people. That’s not us.”

Dilpreet Takhar added: “They said there’s three homicides in the last week and you guys fit the description with hoodies. I told him it’s winter weather, it’s comfortable to wear a hoodie.”

He said: “I honestly thought it was racism coming to the forefront. We were telling them everyone fits the same description — Indo-Canadian, whoever you are.”

Both men were later released.