Package explosion at Surrey home linked to JIBC attacks

Police said a Surrey home attacked three times in the last year, is related to a series of thirteen crimes against people and property connected with the Justice Institute of B.C. in 2011.

At 2:30 a.m. Saturday, a package exploded on the doorstep of a home in the 8300 block of 151 Street. The explosion did not cause any injuries to people and caused little damage.

Police say the home was also subject to an arson attack in April last year and also a drive by shooting of a vehicle the following month. Police say the resident of the targeted home are not involved in criminal activity.

In December police announced a former ICBC employee was under investigation for accessing the personal records of 13 people with ties to the Justice Institute who were victims of the attacks in 2011. The ICBC employee has not been charged with any offences.