Orthodontist Aly Kanani Rewards Youngsters

SURREY, DELTA & LANGLEY- Dr. Aly Kanani of Guildford Orthodontic Centre and Langley Orthodontics awarded plaques, bursaries, and gift certificates including an Apple IPAD2 computer to local Surrey, Delta, and Langley youth that participated in the official city-wide 3rd Annual Surrey and Langley Good Deed Awards.

The awards encourage all Surrey, Delta, Langley and surrounding area youth up to 18 years of age to do good deeds and then write an essay detailing what they did, what motivated them to do it, and what they got out of the process. The essays are submitted to Dr. Kanani where they are reviewed by a committee compromising of community members who then make a blind vote on the finalists. Then a top winner and several other winners are chosen out of the several hundred award applications.

Applying the ideal that “doctors heal people, but people heal the world”, Dr. Kanani, has implemented the awards in order to help motivate young people to become active in their communities and in turn, instill in them positive qualities, like innovativeness, self-motivation, self-esteem and a desire to help others. “The response has been very humbling,” Dr. Kanani mentioned. As our committee has been reviewing the award entries over the past several months, there were numerous entries that brought tears to the eyes of several of us. We strongly believe in the great potential of the Surrey, Delta, Langley and surrounding area youth. Numerous schools participated and several hundred entries were received, even from children as young as five years old.”

Dr. Kanani, a local Surrey and Langley certified orthodontist specialist, who spends everyday bringing smiles to the children in our community, is the sponsor of the award, which is given out annually to local Surrey, Delta, and Langley area youth.

The winners for the June 2012 Surrey Good Deed Awards were: Mia Ahmad (Grand Prize Winner), Arvin Gill (Bursary Winner), Joanne Marwood (Finalist), Niyanta Baniya (Finalist), Alim Parwana (Finalist), Kassidy Hilebrand (Finalist), Sukhmeet Sachal (Finalist), Maria Sonea (Finalist), Umal Fatima (Finalist), and Nicole Jimenez (Finalist).

The winners for the June 2012 Langley Good Deed Awards were Cole Deakin (Grand Prize Winner), Olivia Mould (Bursary Winner), Danielle McNaught (Bursary Winner), Danny Taylor (Finalist), Annabel Bot (Finalist), Breanne Muller (Finalist), Derek Luschyn (Finalist), Marissa Metcalfe (Finalist), Anthony Hoffman (Finalist), and Karishma Ram (Finalist).