Now travel agents adopting all inclusive pricing

VANCOUVER – You may notice ads for flights are looking a lot more truthful now. Some travel agents are joining airlines in using all inclusive pricing in their advertising.

By about the end of the year, all Canadian airlines must show you what the total price will be, including the airfare, all of the taxes, and surcharges built in because of federal regulations.

Allison Wallace with Flight Centre says more travel agents are doing the same thing now.

“Now we’ve just gone too full all inclusive pricing, largely do to the fact that now the airlines are required to do it as well. People would come in and see a price at $499 from Vancouver to Toronto but once you added all the taxes and surcharges it would be two times that.”

“There’s just been a large backlash from customers saying ‘You know this isn’t fair.’ I mean it is such a significant disparity between the actual price and the taxes.”

She says travel agents are doing it to stay competitive and please customers. It seems to be working, as she says the overall feedback from customers is positive.

Some people are a bit thrown off by the change but are glad to see truthful advertising and no hidden fees.

“People are happy, they have a greater sense of what people are paying for and again there isn’t such a disparity between the travel agencies and the airlines. So people understand that it’s around the same price,” says Wallace.