No Show Celebrity Gala: The greatest event you’ll

The No-Show Celebrity Gala is the brainchild of the Surrey Foundation, a non-profit society that supports a wide range of local initiatives, including health and social services, education, the arts, the environment, and economic development projects. “100% of the proceeds of the no-show celebrity gala go into our Foundation Community Fund,” says Executive Director Kim

The foundation’s idea is to host a virtual gala, one people can attend right at home while raising funds for important community projects in Surrey.
Participants pay $50 for a stay-at-home ticket then pick a night they can stay home and enjoy with family. Raffle tickets are also for sale for $25, for meals, spa packages and shopping sprees.
These proceeds directly benefit a large number of non-profits in the following year. “We work on sustainable and innovative solutions to solve social issues in the community,” says Angel, “funding programs that are actually creating a systemic change.” These programs help so many people in the community, including refugees, at-risk youth, the elderly and people from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Last year, the No-Show Gala was a big hit with local celebrities and the community alike. “A lot of people really liked the idea and the fact that they didn’t have to actually attend anything,” says Angel.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts thanked the Surrey Foundation “for coming up with a unique way to raise money for important programs that enrich our community.