New Land Rover LR2 Now under $40,000

The Land Rover LR2 is now available in Canada for under $40,000 for the base trim for the 2013 model year. In addition to improved value, Land Rover has given the 2013 LR2 a complete revision, to deliver higher levels of comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment. New colors, new exterior design features, upgraded interior equipment levels, and a new more powerful and more efficient engine.

A new lightweight turbocharged, direct injected 2-litre four-cylinder engine now powers the 2013 LR2. This engine delivers 240 hp at 5500 rpm and 250 ft-lbs of torque at 3200 rpm, providing a broader power band strong low-speed response. This represents an increase of 10 hp and 16 lb-ft respectively over the outgoing 3.2- litre naturally aspirated inline six.

Not only does this lightweight engine produce more horsepower and torque than the outgoing six cylinder, it is also more economical. The all-aluminum 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is also nearly 40 kg lighter than the 3.2-litre naturally aspirated inline six-cylinder engine it replaces.

This new engine first appeared in the 2012 Range Rover Evoque and features advanced technologies such as high pressure direct fuel injection and variable valve timing. A high efficiency turbocharger delivers rapid response, and a fabricated steel exhaust manifold promotes quicker catalytic converter light-off. Piston rings and tappets have been coated to reduce friction and twin balance shafts ensure smooth operation.

All LR2’s are equipped with Land Rover’s Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) which features Smart Regenerative Charging. This feature ensures that where possible, the alternator only charges the battery when the vehicle is decelerating, recovering kinetic energy from deceleration, rather than consuming energy during engine operation. IPSM is part of Land Rover’s e_TERRAINTM TECHNOLOGIES program which aims to continually improve efficiency in every Land Rover.

The engine is paired with an Aisin AWF21 six-speed automatic transmission engineered with advanced neutral logic control to reduce internal drag when the vehicle is stationary. The transmission also features a remote breather, routed above LR2′s water wading depth (19.7 inch / 500 mm of water). Revised clutches and low viscosity oil also improve efficiency while adaptive shifting is available in both normal and sport modes. In sport mode, the auto transmission is programmed to hold low gears longer and to shift down more readily, to assist acceleration. CommandShift® allows manual sequential gear shifts. This transmission is coupled to a full-time four-wheel drive system features a Haldex rear axle differential.

Every trim level of the LR2 comes with grained leather covered electric seats as standard. Standard dual sunroofs on the LR2 SE increase the bright and airy feel of LR2’s cabin and the front section opens and slides back over the second-row glass roof panel.

The LR2’s cabin features a brand new centre console with a 7-inch (178 mm) colour touch-screen. Through this screen you can control an enhanced audio system from MeridianTM and the optional satellite navigation system. The original Terrain Response® dial has been replaced by buttons for 2013. A shutter style door reveals additional storage space in the console.
A new instrument cluster with a 5-inch (127 mm) screen displaying primary vehicle-related information, such as temperature and fuel levels, gear positions and Terrain Response® mode, now sits between the dials across the LR2 model range, complemented with steering wheel toggle switches to operate the clearest of drop down menus and vehicle set-up details. The HSE is equipped with a rear view camera with hitch assist.

Cabin space and safety are improved with the introduction of an intelligent electric parking brake which adjusts brake force according to the slope the vehicle is parked on. The system even takes into account whether the brakes are hot or cold. If hot, the system ‘wakes up’ periodically to ensure clamping force is not lost as the brakes cool down. Despite being operated by a single switch, the electric parking brake may still be used as an emergency brake, automatically selecting the most stable braking method by employing skid prevention techniques. An additional safety feature prevents the brake from being released unless the drivers’ seat is occupied.

More convenience comes in the form of Passive Start which replaces the key docking system, meaning that as long as the key is somewhere inside the car, the engine starts at the touch of a button.
Another new feature for LR2 is rear view camera capability. The view from the back of the vehicle is displayed on the Infotainment screen with dynamic lines representing the boundaries of the vehicle and your predicted path as you reverse. The system also incorporates ‘Hitch Assist,’ a graphic superimposed on the camera showing the position of the tow ball.

A new available ‘Say What You See’ voice activation system will prompt the driver visually with the commands he or she needs to speak in order to control functions in the audio, optional satellite navigation, and phone systems. The prompts are displayed in an easy-to-follow ‘step by step’ format on the screen.

The optional navigation system is improved, now a faster hard drive-based system, which comes with such features as ECO Route planning, Dynamic Zoom, Visual Lane guidance, POI (Point of Interest) management and repeat TMC traffic guidance. You can also manage waypoints and store locations as well as POI locations by name.

Two MeridianTM audio systems are now available on the LR2. The first MeridianTM system is equipped with a new 7-inch (178 mm) colour touch-screen, 380 Watts of power delivered via an 11-speaker system that delivers exceptional stereo sound. Alternatively, customers can opt for the 825 Watt surround sound 17-speaker system with TrifieldTM technology which provides a natural, enveloping, concert-like experience for all occupants. Each MeridianTM system is equipped with subwoofers for a deep, bass sound and an Audyssey MultEQ audio tuning system. Both audio systems are also equipped with AM/FM and Satellite radio tuners, while music players support CD, DVD, Virtual CD, iPod® and USB. There is also a 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack for music players and Bluetooth® audio streaming to any supporting devices including headphones. The virtual CD system is hard drive based and can store the equivalent of up to 10 Audio CDs at full digital quality, and songs are identifiable using Gracenote®. Sirius XM Satellite Radio is also available.

The cold climate package includes heated front seats, heated steering wheel and windscreen with heated washer jets and is standard on all trim levels of the LR2 for those chilly mornings.

The three new colours that have been added to the LR2 range for 2013 are Aintree Green, Havana and Mauritius Blue. Exteriors gain a number of new integrated design features resulting in a coordinated and premium appearance. With the latest in Xenon and LED technology, the front and rear lamps have been revamped giving the LR2 a new look, set off with a new signature design graphic in the front running lights.

The grille bezels now sport a bright finish and there are paint detailing changes to the front grille surround, insert bars and fender vent to harmonize the different elements. Externally, the LR2 HSE grill insert bars, fender vent and rear finisher strip have a light gloss silver finish whilst the grille surround is finished in gloss black.

The standard wheel on the entry LR2 is a 17” 6-Spoke Alloy wheel, but the 18” 10-Spoke Alloy wheel becomes standard on the SE and above, and is also optional on the base model as part of the Appearance Package. There are also two choices of optional 19” Alloy wheels. Canadian MSRP for the LR2 is as follows: LR2 $39,990, LR2 SE: $44,590, LR2 HSE: $46,990, LR2 HSE LUX: $48,190.