Murdered Sikh woman’s husband suspects Belgian co-worker

Brussels-Indian Sikh Jasbir Singh, whose wife and three children were found murdered last Friday in Brussels, has accused one of his colleagues for the crime, the EuAsiaNews reported.

The gruesome crime took place in the Brussels borough of Etterbeek and Jasbir Singh, who worked in a cafe, has told reporters that one of his colleagues, reportedly from Bangladesh, acted suspiciously when he returned from holidays last year.

“He was jealous and I never understood what had happened,” the 37-year old Sikh hailing from Punjab’s Ludhiana district told the media.

The suspect went missing last Friday. “We can’t find him. He didn’t return to work. We tried to phone him but he didn’t answer,” said Jasbir Singh, who has been living in Belgium for 15 years.

Theft as a motive of the crime is being ruled out, as nothing was found missing from the house.

He has told a Belgian TV that he found the children aged three, five and seven, and his wife dead on returning from work Friday night.

Week-long prayers are being held at a gurdwara in Belgium for the dead.