Mughal Gardens’ Cheema now moves to India Banquet Hall

Shinda Cheema, who ran the famous Mughal Garden Restaurant on 128 & 76 avenue for more than 25 years, has now moved to a new location in Surrey with the grand opening of his India Banquet Hall on 130 & 76 avenue.

Cheema started his banquet hall on November 1 and already he is seeing a very good response with lots of functions , parties and get-togethers being organised at his banquet hall.

“After successfully running the Mughal Garden Restaurant for 25 years, I thought it was time to start something new. So I sold that restaurant, although that building is still with me and started this banquet hall on November 1. And I’m very glad that people are liking my service at this banquet hall also,” says Cheema.

Cheema came to Canada from India in 1980 and ran a grocery store for 4 years before moving to Seattle (Bellvue) to start a restaurant there but after just one year he returned to Canada and started his Mughal Garden Restaurant on 128 St in Surrey and that restaurant proved to be a big hit with people.

“I ran Mughal Garden from 1980 till January 2012,’ says Cheema.

Iqbal Dhaliwal and Kamal Gill are also partners with Chhinda Cheema in India Banquet Hall and are very happy with the reponse that they are getting from people.

“Every day we get inquiries for marriages, functions, birthdays, ladies party and the like and we try to give our best service to everybody,” says Iqbal.

India Banquet Hall in Surrey (13030-76 Av) is very spacious, well-designed and decorated banquet hall with a capacity of holding 850 guests. Cheema looks after everything from catering, kitchen, menu, decoration, music etc at the India Banquet Hall.

For bookings you can call Kamal Gill at 604.501.6099