Mountie Who Posted His Photos On Sexual Torture Website Under Investigation

A Mountie, who posted photos of himself on a sexual torture website while wearing nothing but boots, is being investigated for possibly violating the RCMP’s code of conduct rules.

RCMP is refusing to comment publicly about Coquitlam Corporal Jim Brown’s off-duty behaviour but confirmed to CKNW radio that he is under investigation.

“Initial legal opinion was that, as this was adult consentual, non-criminal, off-duty behaviour, it was not a violation of the code of conduct. despite that legal opinion, the RCMP has ordered a code of conduct investigation.”

Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew broke the story after seeing the still images of brown holding a butcher knife, while threatening a woman who’s naked and hog-tied in a cage.

Brown told Mulgrew he was cleared of any wrong-doing earlier this year, saying it was a ‘non-issue’ because there was ‘no victim.’

Now after this incident NDP’s Public Safety critic is questioning how women can trust the RCMP or individual officers after one posed for pictures posted on a sexual fetish website.

Kathy Corrigan says the latest black eye for the mounties could prevent victims of abuse from going to police.

“When you have people particularily women trusting the RCMP in a lot of really delicate and difficult situations like domestic violence and so on that it is very difficult for those women and others to trust the RCMP to come in and provide the support that they need.”

Corrigan wouldn’t say if Coquitlam Corporal Jim Brown should be fired or not.

“I think it is tough to have those people there whether I would say in this particular case, I don’t know the history of the officer and so on, whether you say this person should be fired I don’t know about that individual but I do think that this is not the type of person that should be representative of the RCMP.”

Corrigan says the mounties need to be more open about bad apples.

“After the fact we are finding out well it is only because of an FOI or only because it is posted on a website that we find out about it and that is not appropriate because if we are going to have trust not only in the individual officers but also in the organization we have to trust that when there is an allegation and when there is misconduct that the superiors are going to deal with it appropriately, sweeping it under the rug is just not on.”

Brown is on desk duty and under investigation after pictures surfaced allegedly showing him wearing nothing but police boots, while using a knife to threaten a naked woman hog tied and in a cage.