More complaints about Canadians shopping in the US

New complaints over people south of the border expressing dislike for Canadians who cross over to shop.

In a letter to the Bellingham Herald, a Lower Mainland man says after shopping for about 90 minutes he returned to his car and found a note on his windshield. He says the writer used a lot of profanity to complain about Canadians and asked him to return home quickly.

Online comments are showing he is not the only one who is experiencing this, some people have also had their cars keyed.

A Facebook page you heard about in the summer “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans” has also grown in popularity. People are constantly posting their anti-Canadian feelings as well as pictures they’ve taken of Canadian vehicles that aren’t lined up with parking lines on the pavement.

Ken Oplinger, the president of the Whatcom Chamber of Commerce, says Bellingham businesses don’t share the sentiment and for Black Friday, they are getting ready to entice us to buy Black Friday bargains.

“We welcome our Canadian friends, they have shopped here for years, we think they’re going to continue to shop here for years to come,” says Oplinger.

He says even the small mom and pop stores are looking to make Canadians feel more welcome.

“The retailers here are already organizing how they’re going to help the folks in line be more comfortable, maybe giving away some additional freebies to them while they’re there,” adds Oplinger.