More charges recommended in Stanley Cup Riot

Charges have been recommended against 40 more suspected Stanley Cup rioters, but are people still outraged a year and a half later?

“For some people it is possible that time has healed some wounds,” says Inspector Laurence Rankin.

But he quickly adds he continues to interview people remembering the fires, the broken glass, and the violence that broke out. “There are some people, many people who are still very upset and traumatized.

He says tips continue to trickle in and they will continue to hold people accountable.

“I hope that news of more rioters facing charges brings a small measure of comfort to victims of the riot,” he tells us.

There have now been 1,040 charges recommended against 315 suspected rioters.

VPD’s statistical profile of suspected rioters

Of the 315 people police have recommended charges against, 278 are men and 37 are women.

The average age at the time of the riot is 21 years. The youngest was a 14 years old; the oldest was 52.

The VPD recommends a charge of participating in a riot for each person; a total of 303 charges of mischief are recommended. The next-most common charge so far is break and enter.

Vancouver and Surrey are home to 58 suspected rioters each. Overall, 82 per cent of them are from outside of Vancouver proper.