PETER Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sports and Cultural Development, was forced to apologize for distributing government cheques from his campaign office in Surrey-Fleetwood riding where he faces NDP candidate Jagrup Brar in the upcoming provincial election, the NDP said on Wednesday.

The Surrey-Newton Rotary Club posted a photo of their members with Fassbender and noted that they have “raised $75000.00 from BC Provincial Government for our two local city park improvements for the senior’s shelter in partnership with City of Surrey.”

The NDP said: “After being caught, Fassbender acknowledged that he knew it was wrong but did it anyways – and tried to cover it up. He told the Vancouver Sun’s Rob Shaw: “They came and I took a picture and I said whatever you do don’t have any BC Liberal stuff in the background because it’s not a campaign thing.””

Glen Sanford, BC NDP Deputy Director, said: “[Premier] Christy Clark is using people’s hard-earned tax dollars to fund her re-election, and now we know her ministers are trying to cover it up. Just like with her $300,000 second salary, she only admits she’s done something wrong when she gets caught.”