Minister De Jong Tours Mithapur With Pargat Singh

By Mike de Jong (Minister of Finance)

Where were you when Paul Henderson and Sid Crosby scored their goals? In India the question is where were you when Pargat Singh scored against the German National Field hockey team in one of the greatest comebacks in the history of International Field Hockey.

Pargat Singh is now a newly elected MLA in Punjab and who better to find as a spokesperson for healthy living then this revered former Olympian.

What a day, a news conference in Hoshiarpur (media really are the same wherever you go) and then transfer to Jalandhar District and a walking tour of a number of villages that form the heart of Punjab.

Starting off in the village of Mithapur, where Pargat Singh learned to play hockey and where he took us to the local stadium and scene of past glories.
Then in Shankar a historic village and home to one of India’s greatest statesman former Minister Swaran Singh.

We walked to the village of Mundh through the countryside, where acre after acre of seed potatoes is grown. The old mixes with the new as traditional farm laborers work side by side with the latest mechanized equipment.

Punjabi hospitality revealed itself once again in the village of Mundh. Where local leaders, health officials and village families gathered to hear our message around diabetes prevention. Special thanks to the Bhullar and Sanghera families and also to the countless folk who waived us along the way on the roadside.