Let’s Do Bollywood Hungama!!!

Surrey: Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy (BHDA), a recognized member of Surrey Arts Council, is a dance company which teaches and promotes dance, event management and dance related activities. The academy has cultivated a winning Junior and Senior Team for 5 consecutive years through competitions with Surrey Festival of Dance, Showtime Promotions and Crystal Grand Championship in Kelowna. Other achievements include awards of ‘Best Choreography’ in 2015 and 2016 and active involvement and participation in community events. The academy has proudly collaborated with City of Surrey and the Lower Mainland School District to provide dance workshops to engage children towards opting for a healthy lifestyle.

Anyone, of any age can join this dance academy for Bollywood, Bhangra, Giddha, Kathak, Hip-Hop, Breakdancing. By joining now, you can also participate in their 6th Annual Dance Show 2017.

Contact them for their summer program and their annual dance show.

For More Information, visit them:

Website: www.bollywoodhungama.ca |

Facebook: /BollywoodHungamaDanceAcademy |

Youtube: Bollywood Hungama BC |

Twitter: @Dance_WithUs