I have been Mayor and City Councillor of Vancouver, the second biggest government of British Columbia. I have also served as Member of the Legislative Assembly and briefly as Minister of Communities, Culture, Sport and TransLink. I was awarded the Order of Canada for my volunteer and nonprofit work. The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation has raised $20 million and improved the lives of 10,000 people with disabilities.

I have proposed an aggressive agenda for British Columbia. I have proposed selling government liquor stores to the employees and getting out of the alcohol business. I want to bring back the HST by proposing a Modified Sales Tax (MST) and using the surplus to reduce taxes. I will inject elements of privatization to improve our public healthcare.

When I became Mayor of Vancouver 12 years ago my two major policy priorities were to reduce the price of housing and overdose deaths. I created the EcoDensity Initiative and the Chronic Addiction Substitution Treatment(CAST). As Premier I will complete the work I began to contain these harmful problems.

I will remove elected politicians from public hearings and replace them with Judicial Tribunals to get expedited and less politicized development. This will catalyze a large increase in supply of housing which will bring down prices. I will also provide substitution drugs to people with addictions so they will no longer support organized crime.


(Photo: Sullivan’s photo by Kris Krug)