Lamborghini driver cannot afford ticket, car impounded

RICHMOND – A 22-year-old driver has had his car impounded for driving without insurance.

The car is worth almost half a million dollars and the driver says he cannot afford to pay his $500 fine.

Mounties pulled the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador over in Richmond because it did not have a front license plate. When the officer found out the car was not insured, he gave the driver from West Vancouver the ticket.

“[The officer] issued a violation ticket for no insurance and was going to tow the vehicle. And when the owner got the ticket his reply was that it was too expensive,” explains Corporal Robert McDonald with RCMP Traffic Services

Into the tow yard the 690 horse powered car goes.

The website says Canadian prices for a Lamborghini Aventador start at $430,000 and the car can go from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in under three seconds.

“It is just funny that you can afford the Lamborghini but you can’t afford the insurance? You can’t afford the ticket?” adds McDonald.