Lambert & Stamp (PG) ****

Rock On!

Wink or swim are words to live by in business. Successful organizations/operations need good workers and able managers . Given the right combination this mix can be successful. Against all odds two fledgling Brits “wander” into the world of rock and roll history as documented in Lambert & Stamp. Music buffs will be touched by this sentimental documentary from Sony Pictures Classics that charts the rise and fall of The Who. Neophytes will also take a liking to this insightful and rewarding trip down memory lane, now unfolding at The Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Chalk full of vintage film footage and star interviews this 117 minute documentary looks at the origins of famed rock band The Who and more importantly the flamboyant way two young men from completely different backgrounds ” merged” to create a music and recording dynasty. At the centre of this creative juggernaut were fledgling entrepreneurs Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp who somehow found and moulded four musicians into rock superstardom.

Candid interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon and John Entwistle take us deep into the origins of the band and the pivotal role these two lads played in getting the boys together and fashioning their acts, the recording sessions and tours. Internal strife and up and down struggles with drugs and personalities make this film highly engaging from start to finish.

First time director James D. Cooper pulls together a first rate film and perfectly fleshes out the heady free-spirited attitude of the mid and late 60s. High on energy with lots of moments for melancholy and subtle reflection Lambert & Stamp deserves your stamp of approval.

By Robert Waldman